The Portfolio Exclusive: Can Dagarslani


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His vision, his execution, and his work- simply leaves you speechless. There is not anything left to say, you will just stare at his work for moments sharing a visual connection that speaks. It was inspiring to have a conversation with him, I hope you share my opinion! Read on..

Tell us about yourself and how you started photography?

Nothing has ever belonged to me like photography. The subjectivity of it motivated me to take photos and that brought me here.

How does the photographic process begin and where do you source inspiration?

People attempt to amplify and push limits of realities. I believe I can surprise viewers by not finding any quirkiness but at the same time by not being ordinary. The ongoing daily life inspires me the most. The lights that brighten me every hour of the day or colors of objects are the basis of my photographs. At the same time, woman anatomy which sends shivers down my spine and which I could watch for hours without speaking help me to edit my scenes.

Is there any memorable experience that you would like to share with us? 

I had been preparing for a long time for a photo shoot in Amsterdam but the model said only one day before the shoot that she wasn’t able to come since she was sick. I was in a foreign city and it was not possible to find a new model in such a short time. I cancelled all the other crew and decided to shoot my girlfriend who was there to assist me. As a result of it, I shot some of my favourite photographs.

How would you describe your photography style? 

 I’m already doing it with my photographs. I am not the one to express it with words.

Any advice you would give to a beginner? 

It doesn’t matter how simple it may be, everyone has their own inner world. As long as they can reflect it to photographs, they can be successful. If they follow the lead of people with different souls than themselves, they will vanish.

A conversation between Can and The Portfolio’s Editor, Madhav.

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